Services PRice List

Services available from Diamond J Gunsmithing. Call 505.888.4633 or 505.350.6690 to order.

Cowboy Action Guns Only
Parts & Taxes Not Included, Unless Otherwise Noted
Service Charges 
  Per Man Hour $34.50
  Minimum Charge per Gun $10.00
Clean & Oil Gun 
  Consisting of completely stipping gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, advising of parts and services that may be needed to put in A-1 condition.
  Rifle or Shotgun $38.00
  Handgun $32.00
Rifle Work 
Action Job
  Winchester "66" & "73" & clones, Competition Ready Action Job $475.00
  Winchester "66" & "73" and clones $105.00
  Winchester "92" and clones $115.00
  Marlin 1894, 1895 & 336 $115.00
Shotgun Work 
  Polish Chambers (double shotgun) $25.00
  Polish Chambers and Bores $45.00
  Install Screw in Choke, per barrel (plus tubes) $65.00
  Install Recoil Pad (plus pad) $28.50
Action Job
  Winchester 1897 Shotgun and clones $110.00
Handgun Work 
Colt SAA and Clones
  Basic Action Job * $98.00
  Premium Action Job * $128.00
  Action Job on Mounted Shooting Pistol $68.00
Wood Stock Refinishing 
Refinish Rifle or Shotgun Buttstock and Forearm
  Polyurethane spray finish $85.00
  Filled, hand rubbed oil finish $135.00
* Notes:
Basic Action Job -- Hone internal parts and frame, rework trigger & sear, lap basepin/busing & set cylinder gap.
Premium Action Job -- Basic action job plus: replace springs with Wolff Action springs, cut and polish forcing cone to 11 degrees, and set trigger pull to your choice.